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Justin Matney

Team Owner / Driver

Born: 9/24/1985
Hometown: Bristol, VA
Classes Raced: Stock Full, Class 8, Class 11, Stock Mini, Class 1, Stadium Super Trucks, Trophy Truck

Clyde Stacy

Co-owner / Driver

Born: 1/17
Hometown: Bristol, VA
Classes Raced: Stock Full, Class 2, Class 8, Class 5-1600, Trophy Truck Spec, Class 4, Class 9, Class 17, Class 1, Trophy Truck

Lalo Laguna


Born: 8/29/1990
Hometown: Mexicali, B.C., Mexico
Classes Raced: Class 11, Class 9, Class 5-1600, Class 1/2 – 1600, Stock Mini, Class 4, Class 6, Class 5 Unlimited, Trophy Spec, Stadium Super Trucks, Class 1, Trophy Truck

Apdaly Lopez


Born: 12/2/1994
Hometown: Tecate, B.C., Mexico
Classes Raced: ATV Pewe, ATV Pro, ATV Class 25, Class 14, Class 4, Open TT Class, Class 8, Class 10, Class 6/6100, Super Buggy, Trophy Truck Spec, Trophy Truck

Derek Fletcher


Born: 2/14/1985
Hometown: Bristol, TN
Classes Raced: Stock Mini, Class 4, Class 8, Sportsman 1500 Unlimited